Acworth, Georgia: Wedding at a car show

By Jonathan Grant

Our daughter Laurel came by yesterday to show us her wedding album. There were 900 pictures on her slide show. An advantage over the age of print photos, to be sure, and yet—

I think I made it to the 400 level, well into the people-eating-cake phase, when the SEC championship game came on (Woo-hoo! Go Dawgs!) and so, whatever happened after people ate cake, happened after people ate cake. I believe she pared down the album to 175 pics. Lovely wedding. We wish her and Michael the best. Here they are, dancing!

There was something else going on that sunny September day: A vintage car show on Acworth’s Main Street. Sure it messed up traffic, but check  ’em out! I took pics of several, but there were a 100 autos, if not more. Weddings really eat up an iPhone’s battery, so I couldn’t take them all. Here are the ones I had the juice for:


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