Sen. David Perdue gets owned on Twitter

Again, actually. Or usually. Because David Perdue is bad at twitter, which is to be expected, since his message stinks.

Sure, it’s probably some clueless staff member pumping out the swamp bilge we’ve come to expect from the junior senator from Georgia’s account. They’re often horrible, hypocritical and sycophantic to President Trump, because, after all Perdue is POTUS’s favorite senator, and you’ve got to be excruciatingly bad to earn that title. Usually Perdue’s tweets are hard ratio’d  because people really, really don’t like him and his tweets are stupid.

While Sen. Johnny Isakson has earned a great deal of goodwill from people in his home state (he’s actually held town halls recently and takes live questions from voters in his tele-Town Halls), Perdue has earned mainly contempt for his MAGA justifications and hear-no-evil attitude toward his boss. I know, I know, we Georgia voters were supposed to be his boss.

Anyway, after Perdue voted to back Trump’s destructive trade wars today (Isakson was one of the 87 senators to vote the other way, in favor of sanity), Georgia’s Mr. MAGA sent out a brain-dead, arrogant, bullying tweet blaming federal employees for the deficit, ignoring his own vote to cut taxes for the rich.

Today’s tweet drew the attention of Georgia Democratic Rep. Scott Holcomb, who’s good at Twitter, and who also faces a pro-Trump candidate in November. Of course Scott had to respond:

Not only did Perdue get ratio’d, but Scott’s tweet has gotten more likes. Feel free to pile on.

More fun facts. Perdue:

A) Called family separations at the border “a bright, shiny” object for the media;
B) Didn’t hear Trump call Haiti and African nations “shithole countries” even though Trump said it right in front of him; Sens. Lindsey Graham and Dick Durbin heard it. Isakson condemned the remark. Sen. Tom Cotton, like Perdue, had selective hearing loss, but both he and Georgia’s lesser senator hate immigration (and immigrants), so they’re down with Trump on all that;
C) was a big fan of ousted EPA director Scott Pruitt. He didn’t note Pruitt’s scandal-plagued departure, but I’m sure he’s sorry to see the pollution-enabler go. Here’s his Facebook post celebrating Pruitt’s confirmation




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